Playgroups Plus ....
Early Learning Center

215 N. Decatur Avenue
Margate City, NJ 08402
PG 1 Room  (18 mo -24mo)
Don't you love the table!
So much fun for the children to listen to
stories, color and eat in.
Pre K room above...(4 turning 5)
Every child learning so much getting ready for
kindergarten.  Many children transfer in from
other preschool so their children will be
ready for K. We get great feedback from local
school districts tellings us..They know their
new students graduated from PG!

Fabulous 4 room..(3 turning 4)
Lots of  ABC learning. Just scaled down to be
age appropriate for the class. Its never this
tidy during the day!!
Thriving 3's...(2 turning 3's)
Introduction to ABC's, # 's, shapes. Lots of
great art's and crafts. Lots of focus on playing
together and potty training!!
All classes get outside everyday. Pictures of
playarea will be posted soon.